A Post for Firda and for Kirsi

First of all I forgot to post a Happy Birthday message for my love, Firda. Yesterday was her B-Day. I’ve posted a birthday message ever year but this one. I hope this makes up for it and I really hope she had fun yesterday. We didn’t do anything super special. I gave her more camera related gifts, we went out to Red Lobster (so she could have lobster again) and then hit a couple of thrift stores.
This post is also for Kirsi since she emailed me wondering where I was and why I hadn’t posted in over a month. Things are good in our life (Firda and I) but I’m a lazy blog owner. I have things to blog about. It just seems that by the time I get around to wanting to post about it the events are already old news. I’ll try to post more. I can’t promise anything.

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  1. It really is amazing how time flies. You go to your blog and realize that what seemed like days since the last post is actually weeks. I am lazy as well but also don’t have muc to blog.

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