Day of Coincidences!

It was a day of coincidences for me (actually only two coincidences and both of them were thanks to Facebook).
The first coincidence was when I found one of my cousins had a Facebook account. The fact that he has a Facebook account wasn’t the coincidence – it was the fact that I found out he had one because another of my Facebook contacts had befriended him. A facebook contact who was a university housemate to a friend of mine from high school. It ends up that they went to grade school together. Weird.
The second coincidence start when I was listening to the noon show on CBC Radio One called “Ontario Today”. In the second hour of the show they always have a call in show – today it was about online dating. One caller mentioned that she had two friends who had met online and were heading to Cuba on Thursday to get married. I thought to myself “Hey, my cousin and fiancee are going to Cuba later this week to get married”, so I posted the story of the call in show on her wall. It ends up that one of my cousins co-workers was the caller on the show and she was talking about my cousin and her fiancee.
It’s just been one of those crazy coincidence days!

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