5 Replies to “Donnie Darko”

  1. If you have a chance to see the DVD’s audio commentary, it explains A LOT. Otherwise, we can talk later. My friend and I have discussed that movie at length. It is an obsession shared by an ever-increasing few.

  2. Donnie Darko, I saw it. I think. I understood it at the time, but seem to be losing grasp on it as time progresses.
    It was a fun movie…It made me laugh and laugh…

  3. DamN! I knew I should have watched the commentary! hehe
    I think I understood it pretty much.. but I watch so many movies that it’s hard to remember anything anymore!
    BUT! I liked it a lot. 😀

  4. SmooSH are you sure you watched the same movie? 🙂
    And I plan to watch the commentary track right now. Actually I think I will play with the website right now. If you haven’t seen the website it’s really really cool.

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